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During many centuries peace and prosperity reigned over the world Pan Gu, but as it always happens, changes are unavoidable and sometimes they could be so terrible. That would change familiar world for ever. Lust for power which was luring so many, at last did its job and The World of Pan Gu had fallen into an endless war with the only way out - to survive and win all the enemies.

Buy Perfect WorldUnique game world and boosting system will give you thousands of unforgettable hours of game, filled with exciting adventures and dangerous battles. Perfect World is a worthy representative of the genre and it follows all the inherent traditions, bringing them to the new level. Explore, fight and grow stronger (cooler) to prove once and forever that the spirit of the hero is stronger than the unlimited lust of power.

Features of the game Perfect World

  • Unmatched fully three-dimensional game world with a very finely crafted geography.

  • Extremely fascinating mythology of the game will let you know all the history of the world Pan Gu, from the dark times up to the wanderings of our hero.

  • Wide opportunities of the character creation, 5 completely different gaming races, 10 gaming classes and unique story of the each

  • Unique, almost limitless list of existing equipment and weapons, which allows to set up your hero as you like.

  • The opportunity of playing in a free version and in a version by subscription.

  • The opportunity of buying yuans (RMB) in pw, that allows to access to previously unavailable opportunities.

  • In addition, don't forget about the inherent game fair, where you can get access to the most rare and totally unique items that could make your character completely individual.

  • Game store allows you to test all the main features of the game and anyone who considers himself as a fan of Perfect World, at least once, was interested in buying yuans (RMB).

Game Store in the Perfect World

Game Perfect WorldGame Fair of the Perfect World is a lot like any other analogue of in-game store in other online games. On its shelves there are exceptionally the items you can't get any other way beginning with the garment and finishing with materials for handicrafts. Besides, the stock of the fair includes: unique mounts, flying means (in the game you can fly and swim, which is another very important difference from other MMORPG), aids and even gifts to other players that help you to get closer (in Perfect World you can marry or simply interact with other players, give gifts, start a relationship).

Perfect WorldAll the trade in the game store is made in yuans (RMB), that you can get from other players, or just buy on our site. Main task of the fair is to simplify the process of passing the game and leveling a hero. Firstly, Game Store is a great solution for those to whom it seemed too complicated, or for those who wants to be in the list of so-called "elite" characters from the very beginning. Whatever, the game store can be very convenient function and definitely will be useful to any player. And we in turn will help you to buy yuans (RMB) in the Perfect World under the most favorable conditions.

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